Delta Education is the largest publisher and producer of curriculum-based elementary school science kits in the United States. The vice president of sales and marketing retained Patricia Kennedy Communications, working in partnership with Chris Chopyak, to explore creating an association or coalition of hands-on science educational vendors. Vendors in this sector considered each other as competitors and had never worked on any collaborative project before.

Market Research

Pat and Chris crafted a research process whose ultimate goal was to create this coalition including:

  • Identifying thought leaders and key stakeholders
  • Writing and distributing a concept paper for the proposed association
  • Conducting one-on-one interviews
  • Securing the input of professionals to contribute to the dialogue (e.g., lobbyists and lawyers specializing in the formation of trade associations)
  • Implementing a high-level roundtable meeting held at the National Science Teachers Association

Other work completed by Pat and Chris include:

  • Developing a business plan and structure for the coalition
  • Preparing a marketing plan
  • Proposing several lobbying initiatives that the coalition should undertake


Virtually all of the most important vendors in this sector, represented by fourteen presidents or executive vice presidents, participated in the Roundtable at NSTA.