An effective communications program is constructed on a solid understanding of the organization: business goals and vision, market differentiators, the competitive environment and resources – human and financial. The ultimate communications goal is to support achievement of business goals.

Strategic Planning and Communications

We structure and lead all aspects of a comprehensive strategic communications process – recrafting mission and vision statements, developing marketing and communications strategies, identifying key initiatives, implementing plans, and allocating resources.

Marketing Communications and Collateral

We ensure that all communications solidly project corporate and organizational missions and values through all media including press materials, marketing collateral, and web copy.

Media Relations

Our team knows the news business. We know good stories when we see them and how to find them when they are not immediately apparent. We help our clients reach the general public and enhance their brands or corporate images by amplifying their media presence.

Feature Writing

Our writers are experienced storytellers. We have written articles for dozens of hospitals, universities and nonprofit magazines and websites—both to foster fundraising and to publicize people and services. With years of experience working within marketing departments and as consultants, we seamlessly blend with your staff to become a natural extension of your team.