Founded in 1807, Andover Newton is the nation’s oldest theological school which has trained some of the nation’s most innovative and influential religious leaders.  Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Andover Newton specializes in training students for active service as pastors of congregations, leaders of  faith-based organizations and innovators in response to a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Patricia Kennedy collaborated closely with Nick Carter, the president of Andover Newton through 2015, to develop and implement many communications programs including:

  • Brand assessment and recommendations
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Market research
  • Outreach programs informing various constituencies of planned initiatives
  • Web site content
  • Strategic consultation regarding potential mergers with other institutions
  • Materials informing various constituencies of possible mergers
  • Recruitment brochures/web content
  • Crisis management

Our work with the senior administration helped to develop its board of trustees, recruit new students, expand its funding base, and secure additional corporate business opportunities.  In addition, we assisted through the potential acquisition or merger of other theological schools in the region.